The Classes

The Main Instructor

Stéphane Ladegaillerie :
Trained in Japan Japan and in France, he will teach you traditional armed and unarmed combat against one or more adversaries. The work in groups will assure a rapid progression adapted to your needs. .

Can one register throughout the year ?

yes, The registration cover 12 complete monthsdating from your registeration . This is becausethe pedagogical method takes into account the individual level of each practitioner.

Come discover ninjutsu thanks to a free one week trial period !!

NEW season : 2 hour classses and lower prices!

Pay by for the year, semester, month or per class… Possibility to pay in installments for the annual registration.

Classes are mixed.

Dojo Fushan Kwoon
11 rue Ernest Laval, 92170 Vanves

  • - Wednesday 20h30 à 22h30
  • - Friday 20h30 à 22 h30

Organisation and participation in numerous seminars in France and abroad. .

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Stephane at :

  • 06-98-29-87-05
  • By e-mail :

Instructeur principal

Stéphane Ladegaillerie