welcome to bujinkan paris vanves

1000 years of history

the Bujinkan is a school of Japanese martial arts created by maître Masaaki Hatsumi in order to promote ninjutsu in Japan and worldwide.. It encompasses 9 ancient schools of unarmed and unarmed combat created between the 9th and 15 centuries.

The range of techniques is very large. It includes strikes, locks, throws, chokes, pins, against one or many opponents armed or unarmed. .

The weapons covered are very numerous and each one different. :

  • -The kniffe, jutte, fan, kunai
  • -Sticks (short, medium long)
  • Les sabres court et long (le katana et le Tachi)
  • - Also the spear, chains and ropes
  • - Halbeard, shuriken, shuko (metallic claws) , …

Ninjutsu doesn’t search to contrain the body of the practitioner but to adapt to each individual. .

No matter the height, weight, age, flexibility, individual limitations or physical handicap ( in the Bujinkan, one can find practictioners in wheelchairs, vision-impaired, or amputées for example)..

Ninjutsu is not asport and it’s efficiency is not linked to physical force or speed of exécution..It simply follows the laws of nature In order to obtain maximum efficiency with a minimum of effort..

Become a better human-being

Ninjutsu not only permits one ot become terribly efficient in combat but also permits one to become a better human being :

open, generous, self-assured, responsible, serene and able to listen to others.

It’s objective is not to vanquish or win, but to avoid violence, to protect the persons you love and to survive when faced with an adversity.

Professional or beginner, senior or junior, ninjutsu is a complete art open to everyone. Come discover all that ninjutsu can bring you and enrich yourself thanks to our numerous schools and weapopns.

The Classes

Stéphane Ladegaillerie
Every Wednesday
and Friday
of 20h30 to 22h30

the dojo

Fushan Kwoon
11 rue Ernest Laval
92170 Vanves

métro ligne 13 Malakoff
Plateau de Vanves